Toiletries production or packaging machine all setup line

Toiletries production We have been serving this sector for many years with everything from attractive box inserts to custom-designed packs for individual products and display trays for the point of sale. Cosmetics and Toiletries Packaging tends to be at the very top end of what we can produce because brand and quality are everything!

Toiletries Production Quality Control

All our packaging is manufactured to the most stringent standards of quality control. Our factory has full BRC/IOC accreditation.

All our raw materials are responsibly sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure quality and clarity.

Design Capability

Our experienced design engineering team creates innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs whether for display, transit or both. Typically our packaging is manufactured from APET and RPET in a variety of colors and can also be flock coated.

Our Expertise

By choosing from thousands of bespoke materials and finishes we can produce packaging that really reflects the quality of the brand and contents. These tend to have a high value, so this must be reflected in the packaging.

Our printed product boxes are the ideal packaging solution for high-end skin care and makeup products. They will enable your London, Kent or UK-wide business to be on point when it comes to enticing your target skin care market audience.

Finally, to maximise end-point customer satisfaction, we make sure our Packaging products are highly functional and durable. We also manufacture the inserts to securely hold high-value products, which can be made from folding box board, corrugated board or foam.

Prototyping is crucial for this kind of product. Therefore, we have facilities to produce fully printed, foiled, embossed and varnished pre-production samples.

Why Choose Latest Machinery Carton Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturers?

Here at Latest Machinery, we are fully dedicated to helping you take your Cosmetics brand vision from an idea to a reality. Aesthetics, as well as practicality, are so vital in the cosmetics industry. For this reason, we ensure our team will create beautiful Cosmetics or Toiletries Packaging ranges that your customers will fall in love with. We consistently strike the ideal balance between creativity and intelligent design. Consequently, we always deliver inspiring and creative makeup, perfume, and general Toiletries or Cosmetics Packaging for your product. All finished items we make for you at Bridge Media Group will be versatile; we make you a bespoke product. These are always both attractive and durable, thus rendering them ready to be filled with your beautifying items.