Paint production and packaging machine all set up line

Paint production Suitable for middle-scale or large-scale production. Designing a yearly output is 10000-100000Ton.
Providing different equipment configurations according to different production requirements. Each system is optional.

Main system

1. Powder strength transport system
Include manual ton bag strength transport system, measure strength transport system.
2. Pre-dispersing system
It’s a jacketed stainless steel dispersing mixer kettle, with low speed mixer and hydraulic high speed disperser on it.
Normally the mixer speed is 20rpm, disperser speed is 0~1450rpm./span>
3. Thinning reactor: It’s a jacketed stainless steel high shear reactor, with low speed mixer and high shearing machine on it.
Normally the mixer speed is 35rpm, shearing speed is 0~2900rpm.
4. Mixing kettle: It’s a single layer stainless steel kettle, with low speed mixer on it. Normally mixing speed is 85rpm.
5. Filter: bag filter, stainless steel material.
6. Automatic filling line: Including automatic-pushing system, measure filling unit, automatic nipping system, stacking system.
1. Material measure system(material tank,feeding engine,weighing unit,dust removing system, detecting system).
2. Vacuum system(vacuum pump,vacuum buffer)
3. Compressed air system(air compressor,pressure release valve)
4. 4,Water treatment system(automatic water treatment)
5. Automationand management system
(PLC,human-computer interface,computer,sensor,meter)
6. Pipeline system(pipe,pump,valve,flange,joint etc)
Paint production
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