ice cream production and packaging machine all setup line

Ice cream production plant is the same as other dairy processing plants. We can provide the turnkey solution for the project of ice cream production line and the ice cream maker machine is suitable for dairy factory and industrial research. Clients can add other materials to increase the richness of products, according to the different forms of packaging, the configuration will be determined according to individual demand.

Ice Cream Production Line

* Reception and storage of raw materials:

Dry products used in comparatively small quantities, such as whey powder, stabilizers, and emulsifiers, cocoa powder, etc., are usually delivered in bags. Sugar and milk powder can be delivered in containers. Liquid products such as milk, cream, condensed milk, liquid glucose, and vegetable fats are delivered by tankers.

The ingredients used in ice cream production are: fat,milk solids-non-fat (MSNF),sugar/non-sugar sweetener,emulsifiers/stabilisers,flavouring agents,colouring agents.

* Weighing, measuring and mixing:
Generally speaking, all dry ingredients are weighed, whereas liquid ingredients can be either weighed or proportioned by volumetric meters.

* Homogenisation and pasteurisation:
The ice cream mix flows through a filter to a balance tank and is pumped from there to a plate heat exchanger where it is preheated to 73 – 75oC for homogenization at 140 – 200 bar, the mix is pasteurized at 83 – 85oC for about 15 seconds then cooled down to 5oC and transferred to an aging tank.

The mix must be aged for at least 4 hours at a temperature between 2 to 5oC with continuous gentle agitation. Ageing allows time for the stabilizer to take effect and the fat to crystallize.

*Continuous freezing:
•to whip a controlled amount of air into the mix;
•to freeze the water content in the mix to a large number of small ice crystals.
* Filling in cups, cones and containers;
* Extrusion of sticks and stickless products;
* Moulding of bars
* Wrapping and packaging
* Hardening and cold storage

* Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.
* Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.
* Accurate dosing of mixing and additional aromas.
* Wide customization of the final product.
* Maximum yield, minimum production waste.
* Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.
* Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.
* Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.

Ice Cream Production Line


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